10 Benefits of being a Blogger [23.Jul.2006]
Looking for a long time best rowing machine under 200? Make your dream come true now! by Nicholas Dixon I have been a blogger since September 2004 but only began to take it seriously this year. My blogging journey began when I stumbled upon a company owned by Google named Blogger.com that offered free tools to build a website

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Advertising doesn’t cost…it pays! [22.Jul.2006]
Well this has been a busy day. I am truly fatigued. So I may cut my writings today short, but not cheap. We set a sales record today and entered more new printing orders than any other day since our inception in 1989. Want to learn how skinning rabbit for a short time? Visit our website. Today was a banner day�great

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The AdSense Formula for Making Money [21.Jul.2006]
I often get asked what the secret is to making money with Google’s AdSense program. This often comes from people who are dreaming of setting up websites chock full of high-paying keywords for particular niche subjects and then sitting back and

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Conclusions from tracking blog ads [20.Jul.2006]
1. New ads work You will always get a higher CTR on new ads, both text and graphical (but not Adsense). Think of it like a honeymoon for ads. New ads are good for probably 2 to 3 days in terms of decent CTR, then they drop off to lower levels. Ive

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Tips for a Successful Web Site Auction [19.Jul.2006]
I have seen many unsuccessful site auctions here recently, and most of those can be attributed to insufficient information being published by the seller. A good site description will make potential buyers feel comfortable in bidding on your web

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